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Aztec Boston Philosophy and Style of Play

At Aztec Boston, we believe that soccer is an art form. Therefore, we will teach the players to reach their maximum soccer potential by expressing themselves on the soccer field. This means showcasing their technical abilities and decision-making in the four moments of the game. These moments are attacking, transition from attacking to defending, defending, and transition from defending to attack.

Our coaching staff teaches the players to build up through the thirds in order to create and find openings to generate scoring chances and goals.  At the same time, players will learn how to read and understand the game in order to take advantage of what the opposition is giving us; at times this may mean a direct approach.

Transition – Attacking to defending:

This is an important aspect of the game that is often overlooked in instruction. With Aztec Boston, the coaching staff will emphasize this important aspect by helping the players quickly identify how to hinder the opponent from passing, dribbling forward, or creating scoring chances.

When our players do not have the ball, we will teach our players how to hinder the build up, get compact, and be balanced. Our players will demonstrate good defensive organization and collective action to prevent and deny goal-scoring chances in order to regain the ball.

Transition – Defending to attack:
In this fourth moment of the game, our players will be instructed to play the ball forward quickly (via pass or dribble) as soon as we regain the ball. This is to exploit the possibilities of an unbalanced or disorganized opponent. Players should be taught to read the game in order to make the best decisions; whether to possess the ball with sideways or backward passes to remain in the attacking phase.

Aztec Boston soccer is a possession style game throughout the thirds of the field. The objective is to create as many goal scoring opportunities we can. When the ball is lost, we will react quickly and regain possession in an organized and deliberate manner to initiate our next attack.

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